BLOG about Mercedes-Benz Toys and Model cars

BLOG about Mercedes-Benz Toys and Model cars

Welcome to Mercedes-Benz Collection BLOG you will find short and interesting descriptions from the world of Mercedes-Benz toys and diecast model cars... enjoy :)

SIGHTSEEING: Tunnels under city Kranj

this and that :)Posted by Biggie Sun, May 17, 2009 23:12:35

Part of the SVM 2009 event in Kranj was also an underground tour through the tunnels of Kranj organized by Zavod za turizem Kranj. Residents of Kranj built plenty of underground shelters and tunnels, during World War II, mainly along different important factories in and around the city, but the most interesting tunnel system is located below the city itself. Tunnel system was intended to be used as a bunker for Kranj residents during air attacks.

See the photos below (click on the photo and go to the bottom of gallery, to see a bigger photo)

Very interesting tour, seeing the tunnels is really impressive... I highly recommend this one smiley

Two random shots from the old part of Kranj.

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Diecast model car exhibition at SVM 2009 Kranj event, 9. 5. 2009, part 1

Mercedes-Benz Collection promoPosted by Biggie Sun, May 17, 2009 21:41:57

Here it is, a photo report from the SVM 2009 event in Kranj that took place on 9th May, 2009. It was a beautiful day, the anticipation was in the air and there were lots and lots of curious people. What was going on? The SVM event 2009 of course ! ! !

The idea behind SVM is connecting people from different model hobby spheres. Let us start with the main part of SVM event; the plastic model competition. I'm sure you can imagine plenty of different plastic models in various categories that competed for the awards. But hey, that's not all! All around was interesting stuff to see, from model railways to diecast section... man, it was stunning to see so much different metal and plastic under one roof :)

Check the pictures... and hopefully you will get the feeling... (click on the photo and go to the bottom of gallery, to see a bigger photo)

Plastic models section:

The SVM 2009 awards...

Blog is divided into two parts because of software limitations (one multiple gallery per blog ;) )

Thank you for reading.

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Diecast model car exhibition at SVM 2009 Kranj event, 9. 5. 2009, part 2

Mercedes-Benz Collection promoPosted by Biggie Sun, May 17, 2009 21:19:06

Part two of the SVM 2009 event:

Model railways section (Društvo za tehnično kulturo Železnic):

Diecast section (nicknames of collectors that were displaying their diecasts, alphabetical order: avalanche, Bastardo, Boštjan(F1), CAVALLINO, Haderach, klauzz, Mihec, Mrak, RS6, Zipi and last but not least, me also known as Biggie):

(click on the photo and go to the bottom of gallery, to see a bigger photo)

Here are some of my fellow collectors impressions from the SVM event in Kranj. Once again I thank each and everyone of them for taking time to write their story:


It was a wonderful experience ... seeing so many awesome die-cast models together, meeting other collectors, talking about our hobby and sharing our experiences. Of course, the plastic model section was also very interesting, but I spent most of the time at die-cast exhibition. :) See you next year! ;-)


It started of at about 9:00 on that beautiful saturday morning. As I parked my car outside the place, where the event was taking space, I thought:"Will anybody else bring any modified die-cast models? Or will I be the only geek who takes up to one year to modify a die-cast model? A model of lower price-range, may I add...".

Why did I wonder that?

Because I am a collector, which cannot leave his models as they are... My moto is: If it's OOB, it's boring... Therefore I brought 9 of my modified models. And... Gues what. They were pretty much the only modified models on the scene!

Then my eyes made a short flight over the table with all those beautiful models... And it was clear to me. These pieces of art don't need (almost smiley ) any modifying. Most of them were models from the higher price-range and compared to my "toys", the level of details was just amazing in most cases. But then again - They were OOB smiley

I've seen some models and some manufacturers for the first time. And I was blown away. The scale of most of the models was 1/18. My favourite scale is 1/24. But despite the difference in scales, most of those models would easily find place in my collection.


I wouldn't be able to leave them OOB... I'd probably rip them into pieces and modify each and every bit of them. As usual...


That would be like trying to correct Mona Lisa's eyebrows... Or Picasso's pigeons...

Is that a crime?

If it is, I'll take the responsibility and state guilty! Why? Because one day an Auto Art might finish ripped to base parts in one of the boxes in my laboratory... And resurrect as something completely different. A work of art modified to the stage, when it stands out from the rest.


About the plastic models competition:
I've been to a few competitions before and I've seen some impressive models, but this event was really something special! The models were insanely good, the modelers were (mostly...) ready for chat and commenting, the activities on the side were great and very useful (weathering techniques, 3D modelling and 3D printing, RC racing, display of old army vehicles, shops, ...).

I also joined the competition with one of my models. It's a 100% scratchbuilt model of a future off-road battle vehicle, which aliens would use to combat humans, that want to invade their planet after they've ruined the Earth... Ya, Sci-fi... And I won. Again. I decided to bring the model to future competitions as well, but not as a competition model any more, but only for a display.

Bastardo's award winnig stunning creation... pure sci-fi :)

Like Lars (Metallica's drummer) said at the end of their S&M show:"Same time next year!".


On May 9th, 2009 an interesting event has taken place in Kranj, Slovenia. For the first time plastic-kit modellers and die-cast collectors joined forces and presented their work and collections in one place. While the modellers were competing in their skills and were also awarded, we presented fractions of our die-cast collections. Models from manufacturers like AUTOart, CMC, Exact Detail, Exoto, GMP, Highway 61, Kyosho, Minichamps and others were on display. I think you can imagine hot - but never offending - debates about exhibited models. All in all, it was a sheer fun for all of us.


Watching collection of the finest and the best DCs, all put together in one group really is a dream look for every car collecting enthusiast. All the best quality, the most expensive, most rare and most unique. I am that kind of enthusiast, I was there and I was damn enjoying it too.
It all happened as a part of the show along with train scaled model, an F1 collection etc. at the plastic models build-off. We have been discussing on forum about meeting with our DCs on our own for a long time. But now it finally happened, for the first time in Slovenia, when we were invited to put on sight our cherished collections at this plastic modeling competition. It all started a bit sceptically because it was the first time. Will there be enough space, will the cars be safe... But when it started, it all turned spectacularly. There was plenty of space, the cars were safe and just looking at the collection was really worth coming. You could really see every way of collecting. It was really astonishing to look at the collection of true American Muscles, all in black with some of my coloured ones for background from the best Muscle cars manufacturers (GMP, Exact Detail, Highway 61...), a 426 Hemi engine only in case and for a cherry on top, two American Muscle cars books. Then equaly amazing was the collection of 70's and 80's Euro machines. From Sierra Cosworth, Golf GTI, rare 190 Evolution and Audi Sport quattro from AUTOart to all BMW's: the whole range of 2002's, the old M6, E34 5-series, 3.0 CSL and for addition my collection of all M3's in red. Also shown Porsche collection with super rare Exoto 959 and 934 RSR, Minichamps's Bentley Continental, both versions of Bugatti Veyron, AMG Merc's with real leather seats, the new GT-R, Lamborghini collection and much more. But the most breath taking and mentioning worth models were two CMC's, the SLR McLaren and Mercedes Transporter. Level of details and attention to building is really unbelievable. You have to see it to believe it. Oh, and I almost forgot about Franklin Mint's 1:24 Classic Mercedes collection with diorama. Seeing such details in bigger scale is even more amazing. Anyway, it wasn't just moaning over all the great models, that I don't have. I also got some useful information from inspecting models, I want to buy. And there were a lot of those. In fact, I wanted to start right away with AUTOart 190 2.0 in silver, but unfortunately someone was faster. So I went to a shop with scaled model cars, that was also present there, and bought myself Norev's Lexus LS instead. And I am thrilled to report, that Norev is improving by much.
So a day spent very well. But not just for the models. Even bigger part of the day was meeting all the other enthusiasts, that I've been talking to on forum. I really am pleased about meeting all the guys. So I am hoping for another event soon. In even bigger numbers.


I think the first big meeting of diecast collectors was a success. There were aprox. 90 model cars to be seen in smaller scale. I hope that in the near future we see another diecast exhibition in even larger numbers.


Diecast collectors meeting took place on SVM Kranj '09, which was originally organized for plastic models. But to be honest, on my opinion all the attention was dragged by the shiny diecasts. It was really nice to see so much of them in the same place and see all those details. When you see models in real time it's easier to plan your next-buy. I also met some guys from our forum and I hope we will have another meeting next year or even better, this summer!

... is this Ferrari real or what ?!?!!! :)

Did I mention, I took part in this event by bringing some vintage Mercedes-Benz models and some newer ones. Little precious 1/24 models, with love to details that make your heart beat faster and your eyes roll :) I'm just kidding, but they sure are nice. The SL (R230) was represented in 4 most important scales; from 1/18 (Minichamps, Dealer Edition), 1/24 (Schuco), 1/43 (Schuco) to 1/87 (Wiking, Dealer Edition)... maybe next time I bring the bigboy SL in 1/12. I brought to the show the "carfather" or the mother of all; don't know how you like to call it but hey; king size 1:8 scale, Benz Patent Motorwagen (1886) from Franklin Mint. The biggest scale represented on the show... back to the roots with this one, I say :)

I had to buy a souvenir, a model car ( Mercedes-Benz what else )... so I looked at the SVM model fair and bought an 1/25 scale CL 600 from Welly. Now that I have two, the "SVM one" will go into customization process smiley ... They had Mercedes models from Sun Star, Welly, Norev etc... unfortunately no new models for me, so nothing to add to my existing 1/18 Mercedes-Benz diecast list. But there were lots and lots of other diecasts, that's for sure ! Check the photos:

souvenir in the box smiley

a huge "temporary" diecast and plastic kits shop:

Before we end;

...there were plenty of new people that I met at SVM 2009 event. Great people I can say. Some old friends were there too, and It was great chatting with them all.

Special props go to the SVM 2009 team ! Awesome work you have done guys smiley !

See you next year...

This is it, you reached the end...

be sure to check out SIGHTSEEING; Tunnels under city Kranj

so, till next time...


see ya folks :)



P.S. All photos in part 1 and part 2 which are not mine are used under permission of their owners (Haderach, Mrak, Mihec, Stormer).

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Mercedes-Benz Collection at SVM 2009 event (Kranj, Slovenia)

Mercedes-Benz Collection promoPosted by Biggie Sat, May 09, 2009 03:40:51
sneek preview:

Preparing Mercedes-Benz model cars for a show in Kranj, 9.5.2009, organized by SVM (SVET V MALEM)...
Will post pictures from other collectors attending the diecast show in Kranj. The main event is a competition in building plastic models, the event is "surrounded" with presentations of other hobbies; from model railroads, to diecast cars, formula one diecasts etc.

Check the preview photos :)

As you can see from photos, Mercedes-Benz Collection models were first on the scene smiley ipi aj ej smiley

I displayed some of TOP, high-end and very precious 1/24 diecast model cars... Franklin Mint + Paul's Model Art + Minichamps and Asahi.

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Sneek preview: SHOWROOM

Mercedes-Benz diecast worldPosted by Biggie Tue, May 05, 2009 17:52:25

Still a lot of work to do and models to move around smiley

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